Looking for Aged Care Courses? Find an Aged Care Course in Melbourne

Aged care isn’t just an important part of improving the quality of life for society’s elders—it’s also a booming industry in Australia that provides many lucrative career opportunities. Aged care services in Melbourne and other large cities is expanding at a rapid rate, meaning that many niches are opening up for qualified professionals to find work in the field. The trick is, you have to be a qualified professional to get a job. What does that mean? What kind of qualifications do you need to work in aged care, and more importantly: where should you go to get them?

Those are all great questions, and the answers are fairly simple. First of all, let’s look at what you need to qualify for a job in aged care in Melbourne. The chances are that no matter what kind of job you need in the aged care field, you’ll need specific training. There are a variety of different certifications applicable to diverse positions in the industry, but nearly all of them require the completion of aged care courses in Melbourne at the very least. Taking an aged care course in Melbourne isn’t necessarily difficult; you just have to find a reliable place that offers them. For many, the organisation of choice is Nepean Industry Edge Training or NIET.

We’ve been operating since 2009 to offer training programs that provide necessary skills and change lives. We’re based in Frankston but provide on-site training at aged care facilities throughout Melbourne to facilitate a relevant and hands-on experience. With highly trained instructors, a proven track record of success with our students and a well-regarded professional reputation, NIET is one of the best places in Melbourne for an aged care course that will help you start a career.

Melbourne Aged Care Courses from Real Industry Professionals

At NIET, we pride ourselves on providing a learning experience that is truly authentic. This commitment drives us to select some of the best professionals in the business to teach our courses. Any aged care course offered through NIET is guaranteed to be taught by real people with real first-hand knowledge of the work in question. No outdated third party sources when you come to us—we make sure that the training you’ll get is coming straight from the field.

Invested in Your Success

Your results matter to us—you aren’t just a number at NIET. You can expect energy, compassion and genuine interest from every member of our staff because we all have personal stakes in the industry and we want to fill it with people who are just as compassionate and competent as we are. Call Nepean Industry Edge Training today and learn more about how we can help you get ready for a successful career in aged care. One of our team members will be more than happy to tell you about the details of our courses.