Looking for Aged Care Courses? Find an Aged Care Course in Melbourne

Aged care isn’t just an important part of improving the quality of life for society’s elders—it’s also a booming industry in Australia that provides many lucrative career opportunities. Aged care services in Melbourne and other large cities is expanding …read more.

Make Your World a Better Place with a Valuable Course! Choose Disability Care Courses in Melbourne

Disability care is more than just a career. It’s also a highly necessary service that helps thousands of people in Melbourne and other parts of Australia every year. Part of living in a compassionate and civilised society is providing for people who need …read more.

Want a Personalised Course for Your Career? Aged Care Courses in Frankston

Aged care, as many of you already know, is an industry with major potential for growth. Many millennials have maintained close ties to their baby boomer parents, especially since millennials have been slower to move out or enter the job market …read more.

Take a Marriage Celebrant Course in Melbourne

Getting married is a huge deal, and for many couples, it deserves a big celebration—although of course, everybody has different sensibilities. Whether a couple wants to have ice sculptures and fireworks or a simple cake with a few close …read more.

Need RSA Training? Looking for a Class? Take Your Next Course Here:

Almost everybody needs a survival job these days while they get their careers started, but the service industry is potentially much more than that. Work in the right bar or restaurant in Melbourne, and you could find yourself making more than many …read more.

Seek RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Training Courses in Melbourne

The cornerstone of success is education – to individuals seeking to enhance both their knowledge and their skills. Every lesson mastered leads to new career opportunities, but too often those opportunities prove elusive. Trying to gain …read more.

Find Disability Support Courses in Melbourne

Compassion defines you – with your life dedicated to the wellness and care of others. You strive to enhance the experiences of everyone you meet, and you want to transform your goodwill into a lasting career. Seeking disability support courses in …read more.

Find the Best Child Care Course in Melbourne with Nepean Industry Edge Training’s Professional Child Care Courses

Do you love children? Do you wish you could get paid to take care of them all day? Your dream might be closer than you think! Child care courses in Melbourne make it possible to work with children, in a job that you love. From professional …read more.

Are You Seeking Child Care Diploma Courses in Melbourne? Nepean Industry Edge Training has the course for you

Have you always wanted to have a career in the child care field, but weren’t sure where to start? Do you find working with kids to be a rewarding experience? Do you love knowing you are making a difference in a child’s life? If so, the quickest way …read more.

When you need First Aid Training or Classes, Consider the Course Offered by Nepean Industry Edge Training in Frankston

Knowing how to perform first aid in case of an emergency is a useful and potentially lifesaving skill. While a first aid course in Frankston can benefit certain individuals in dangerous jobs more than others, this course is one that can be beneficial for …read more.

Does Your Job Require First Aid Training in Melbourne? Gain Access to the Best Classes in Melbourne with Nepean Industry Edge Training’s Course

First aid courses are serious courses intended for individuals looking for professional teaching on how to best handle medical emergencies. While there are many first aid courses in the Melbourne area, not all training programs are created …read more.

Looking for CPR Training in Frankston? Nepean Industry Edge Training Offers Classes and a CPR Course

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is a well-known practice. Mouth to mouth resuscitation was first recommended by the Paris Academy of Sciences to resuscitate drowning victims around 1740. The first documented case of the effectiveness of chest compressions …read more.

You Can Now Obtain Your Certificate IV Leisure and Health as Part of a Dual Certificate

Nepean Industry Edge Training is a Registered Training Organisation committed to helping you reach your training goals. We now offer a Dual Certification program whereby you can obtain your CHC43415 Certificate IV in Leisure and Health along with your …read more.

Nepean Industry Edge Training Provides Training for the Certificate III in Ageing Support

A fast growing employment field is now providing support to people who may require assistance due to ageing or disability. A Certificate III Ageing Support can lead to employment as an accommodation support worker, a community care worker or home …read more.

How to Obtain Your Certificate IV Individual Support

Many Australians need assistance in doing day to day tasks. That support may be provided by an activities officer, a care supervisor or a personal care worker. There are some other titles for those that assist the aged or disabled, but the concept …read more.