NIET ensures that all complaints and appeals are dealt with in accordance with the principles of natural justice and
procedural fairness at every stage of the complaint and appeal process. Staff handling complaints will treat the complaint
as confidential and respect all parties. No complainant will be disadvantaged in any way, including students who
continue with their studies.

NIET will aim to complete all complaints and appeals within a reasonable timeframe, usually within 14 days after
lodgement of a complaint (with ongoing notification and in writing to the person/s who made the complaint, should the
complaint take longer than expected)

Informal Complaints/Appeals

An individual may submit an informal complaint/appeal form in writing or verbally directly to NIET staff. The delegated staff
member handling the complaint/appeal will endeavour to gather all information from all parties involved with the intention of
coming to a mutual resolution/desired outcome. All outcomes of the review shall be reported back to the individual within ten
days. This may be a verbal discussion, or put in writing if required. If further meetings are required, individuals may be
accompanied by a third party. If the matter is not resolved by mutual agreement, the complainant will be required to complete
the formal complaints process.

Formal Complaints/Appeals

Individuals need to submit a complaint/appeal form to NIET’s CEO. Persons may elect not to use the first informal stage
and lodge a written complaint/appeal. Upon receiving the complaint/appeal, NIET will respond in writing within 14 days.
This may include a proposed resolution. Parties may be required to meet in person to discuss the complaint/appeal –
and the individual who has submitted the form may be accompanied by a third party. If the complaint involves a student,
NIET may request that the trainer assessor or lead trainer be present. Where the complaint/appeal requires more than
sixty days to process, finalise and resolve, NIET will inform the individual in writing with the reasoning.

Independent Resolution

The complainant must advise in writing of their dissatisfaction of NIET’s decision within 14 days of NIET’s decision with a
desire for an independent/impartial party to review. After 14 days the complaint/appeal will be closed. NIET will organise
the impartial party within 10 days and impartial services will be at no cost to the student. Both parties must agree to
participate in good faith and a willingness to find a resolution. Impartial parties may be required to meet with all involved,
where individuals may bring with them an additional support person. The decision of the independent review will be
taken as final by both parties and report to the NIET CEO and the individual in writing, with immediate action to be taken.