Make a career out of your first love – coffee

Do you love coffee? How about making other people smile? Working as a barista gives you both – all the coffee you want plus the satisfaction of being involved with so many people’s favourite part of the morning. Baristas can create irresistible coffee drinks, transforming simple ingredients into delicious hot or cold beverages that can cheer someone up on a dreary Monday morning or give someone the extra perk they need to get through a job interview, exams, or just a long, dull afternoon at work.

Baristas are also part of an active community of artisanal coffee lovers. Coffee is a naturally social industry, and there are often events such as barista contests, fundraisers, and intracity social events. Being a barista is far from a dead-end job, too. In years past, it may have been just something to get you by until something better came along, but that has changed completely considering the modern world’s love affair with all things coffee. In fact, the more you learn about coffee, the further you can take your caffeine-fuelled career. Jobs available to skilled baristas include operating roasters, buying and sourcing beans, training and education, sales, and managing or owning your very own café.

Nepean Industry Edge Training can help. Our course, Barista Basics – NIET is the perfect introduction to coffee. In this course, you’ll learn how to make espresso coffee using commercial machines as well as how to clean and maintain the equipment involved. Learn all you need to know about different types of coffee, taking care of your equipment, and serving customers while multitasking. Call and speak with one of our helpful team members today to find out how Barista Basics – NIET can change your life.

Course Duration: 3.5 hours

Course Type: Non-accredited

Course Family: Hospitality

  • Introduction to coffee!
  • Different types of coffee
  • How to prepare and make!
  • Using a coffee machine
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning and care

$135.00 + GST per person.

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