Looking for CPR Training in Frankston? Nepean Industry Edge Training Offers Classes and a CPR Course

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is a well-known practice. Mouth to mouth resuscitation was first recommended by the Paris Academy of Sciences to resuscitate drowning victims around 1740. The first documented case of the effectiveness of chest compressions was not recorded until 1891, and the first successful application only happened in 1903.

After demonstrating that exhaled air contained sufficient oxygen to save a life in 1954, James Elam and Peter Safer are credited with the invention of mouth to mouth resuscitation in 1956. In 1960, modern CPR was developed, and the American Heart Association began a program to teach physicians how to perform CPR and that training was then made available to the general public.

Today, Nepean Industry Edge Training is the leader in CPR training in Frankston. We have taken the humble beginnings of CPR and developed state of the art CPR classes in Frankston. The instructors in our CPR course in Frankston will teach you the step-by-step process of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

What You Will Learn in Our CPR Classes in Frankston

Our CPR classes in Frankston meet all the requirements for CPR and first aid training as outlined in the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines. There is a classroom component of this training and then a practical demonstration of CPR on the floor. You will learn the critical life-saving techniques from experienced instructors who will also share scenarios from the real world. Whether you are new to first aid and CPR, or merely need to refresh and gain proper current certification, you will find this CPR course informative and worthwhile.

The CPR and First Aid courses can be taken on a stand-alone basis or may be part of the training required for a particular certificate. CPR classes in Frankston are completed in one day, and the schedule can be obtained from our website or Nepean Industry Edge Training Administration.

Benefits of CPR Training in Frankston

The Australian Resuscitation Council estimates that the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest increases by a factor of five if CPR is performed immediately. The chance of survival decreases by ten percent for every minute that passes before commencing CPR.

At present, CPR is only attempted for about thirty percent of patients. One likely cause of this low rate is that only a small number of “bystanders” to a cardiac arrest are trained in CPR. If a greater number of those close to a cardiac arrest incident, those valuable minutes that are critical to survival will be saved, as will many more victims of cardiac arrest.

With CPR training in Frankston from Nepean Industry Edge Training, you will be trained, assessed and confident to leap into action in the workplace or on the street when cardiac arrest strikes near you. You will understand the theory and the actual feel and procedures practised in the classroom, to help save the loved one of others. Besides, the life you save may be that of your spouse, your child or another family member or loved one. Don’t you owe to yourself to take the CPR course in Frankston?