When you need First Aid Training or Classes, Consider the Course Offered by Nepean Industry Edge Training in Frankston

Knowing how to perform first aid in case of an emergency is a useful and potentially lifesaving skill. While a first aid course in Frankston can benefit certain individuals in dangerous jobs more than others, this course is one that can be beneficial for anyone to learn. After all, you don’t know when your next emergency might creep up.

For many companies and businesses, hiring a team member who knows first aid and has taken first aid classes in Frankston is a huge benefit and can be a great way to set you apart from other candidates. If you’re looking to have the best first aid training in the Frankston area, you’ll want to sign up for first aid classes at Nepean Industry Edge Training.

Learn More about Nepean Industry Edge Training and Their First Aid Classes in Frankston

Nepean Industry Edge Training (NIET) is a leading training school centre in Melbourne for those looking for careers in child care, elderly care, leadership and management, and hospitality. For the past seven years, our professional staff has been producing graduates of our programs and helping to do our part to improve Melbourne’s workforce.

In addition to our reputable diploma programs, we also offer a variety of classes, such as first aid training in Frankston. We can help make sure you receive all the first aid training you’ll need to feel confident and secure in your abilities to help during a medical emergency.

Why Participate in NIET’s First Aid Program

Although first aid training can be helpful for everyone, it can particularly benefit those in certain fields. Anyone in the health care industry (including medical assistants or receptionists) will find these courses useful and practical. Anyone working with children, the elderly, or in public places, such as restaurants, shops, and libraries might also be interested in taking first aid classes. In the event of an emergency, when you’re not near a medical professional, your training can help you address medical issues until help arrives. In fact, some jobs may even require first aid training.

NIET’s first aid program aims to ensure you complete the program safely and with proper hands-on training. Your skilled and helpful teachers will walk you through everything you need to know about administering first aid, and will work hard to ensure you learn everything you set out to learn.

Along with our excellent training staff, NIET is also proud to offer small class sizes to provide better one-on-one attention between teachers and students. You’ll get the face time you need to help make this experience as positive and nurturing as possible.

If you’re ready to enrol in the best first aid training in the Frankston area, reach out to our friendly staff at NIET. We’ll answer your questions, find out more about what you would like to study, and help you set up your training courses.