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Almost everybody needs a survival job these days while they get their careers started, but the service industry is potentially much more than that. Work in the right bar or restaurant in Melbourne, and you could find yourself making more than many of your friends in office jobs or the trades. Whether you’re interested in serving as a flexible gig to keep you paying the bills while you chase other dreams, or as a full-time career of its own, though, there are a couple of things you’ll need to ensure you’ll be hired at the right establishment. One of these requirements is an RSA (responsible service of alcohol) certification.

Alcohol, after all, can’t be served by just anyone. There are specific rules and regulations pertaining to how much can be served, how it can be measured and how it can be mixed. Violate any of these standards, and it could get you into serious trouble—not to mention your employer. As a result, most reputable businesses with liquor licenses won’t even think about hiring a person who doesn’t have their RSA certificate—and to get one; you’ll need to take an RSA course. Melbourne is home to several places where you might be able to receive RSA training but choose your training organisation carefully. You’ll want to make sure you receive training from people who are suitably qualified themselves so that you can really apply what you learn on the job and make a name for yourself.

RSA training in Melbourne is easiest and most effective when you take a class through Nepean Industry Edge Training, a company that has provided high quality instruction in a number of competitive vocational fields since 2009. When you come to us for an RSA class in Melbourne, you’ll receive the kind of training that will give you confidence whenever there’s alcohol around to be managed.

A Registered Training Organisation for Your RSA Course in Melbourne

It’s important that you get your RSA training from a properly accredited organisation. Otherwise, your certification isn’t going to mean anything. Unlike other jobs where your credentials might not be so heavily scrutinised, nearly all businesses involved with alcohol service have their staff inspected on a regular basis by officials in many regulatory agencies, which means that your qualifications absolutely must come from a reputable institution. NIET is a fully registered training organisation, however, and is completely qualified to offer you an RSA class. Don’t take chances with other training programs—make sure your credentials are ironclad and take your next course from NIET.

Get Taught by Real World Pros

At NIET, we also make sure that the people teaching you have experience in the business. This is good for a couple of reasons. First of all, their knowledge is current and direct from the job, instead of being recycled from some old textbook. Furthermore, they have connections to the industry and may be able to advise you on how to get a job. Why not give yourself the NIET advantage? Call us now or visit us online to learn more.