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NOTICE – This course is only open to individuals who hold permanent Australian residency or citizenship. It is NOT available to those on Student Visas.

Earn the certification you need to serve as a Marriage Celebrant in a rewarding career.

Course Overview

Becoming a celebrant can be a fulfilling career path that allows you to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives during significant moments. At Nepean Industry Edge Training, experienced professionals design and deliver celebrancy courses that equip you with essential skills like public speaking. As a celebrant, you’ll be responsible for conducting various ceremonies, such as weddings and funerals, and handling legal requirements, managing and planning ceremonies, offering advice about marriage education, officiating weddings, leading funeral services, and providing guidance for special days. Confidentiality and sensitivity are paramount in this role.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll?
We have several intakes throughout the year, approximately every 2-4 months
Are there any prerequisites?
There are no prerequisites on courses in Celebrancy.
Can I take the course online?
No, this course is run face to face in class.
Is it self paced or do I need to attend classes?
We don’t offer self-paced classes, all courses are run to a timetable and are run face to face
How long is this course?
Complete in either three months (one week of classes at NIET in Frankston, followed by 2.5 months of 15 hours/week study) or six months (one weekend a month for six months with 7 hours of weekly study).
Is this an official certification?
The course is nationally accredited, so is recognised around Australia
Am I eligible for government funding?
Please use the Eligibility Checker
What is the weekly time commitment for NIET courses?
Regular study time is essential. For on-campus courses, attend two days per week and dedicate 2-3 hours weekly for homework. For courses with Flexible Delivery, a minimum of 8 hours per week is recommended to finish in a timely manner.
How often are classes scheduled at NIET?
Classes are held two days per week from 9am to 3pm. Additional one-on-one Study Support with the teacher is available from 3pm to 5pm.
What does Flexible Delivery involve?
Flexible Delivery combines various learning methods, allowing you to study from any location. It includes printed materials, pre-recorded webinars for each subject, and a mandatory in-person class for practical skills. Expect to spend at least seven hours per week on activities like reading, watching webinars, completing assessments, and contacting your teacher for queries.
Can I receive government funding for these courses?
To find out if you're eligible for subsidised courses, use the NIET Eligibility Checker at NIET Eligibility Checker.
What is the cost of NIET courses? Are there any Free TAFE options?
Course costs are detailed in the Statement of Fees on the NIET website and the Course Outline. Government funding and payment plans are available for eligible students. While Free TAFE options exist, NIET's courses are often more affordable, as TAFE includes various fees and generally only one is waived.
How does NIET handle Practical Placements?
NIET assists with finding placement organizations, although students can also secure their own. Practical Placement is essential for all courses except Celebrancy, involving real-world work experience under teacher and staff support. We advise completing placement progressively or in a concentrated block, depending on your schedule.
Do I need a computer to complete NIET courses?
A computer is necessary for the Celebrancy and Early Childhood courses. While it's advantageous for all courses, NIET provides a computer area accessible from 8.30am to 4.30pm on weekdays.
This course is eligible for government funding. Check my funding eligibility→


“NIET helped me find my placement. They found me a very good company to work for.”
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Jane Doe
Jane Doe
“NIET helped me find my placement. They found me a very good company to work for.”
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Jane Doe
Jane Doe

This course is eligible for government funding. Find out more→