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Nepean Industry Edge Training offer a wide range of short courses to improve your skills and knowledge, in the Health and Community Services sector. Complimenting our full courses, these programs are sure to be a great ‘add on’ to enhance existing skills or learn new skills required in a multitude of roles. Whether it be Aged Care, Childcare, Disability – we have it all! Look no further! Call us now on (03) 9770 1633 to speak to one of our friendly staff today!

Group based bookings for all short courses are available to local employers – we come to you!

Health and First Aid Training Courses

Expand your skills by studying a course in professional health and first aid! Health and first aid training opens doors to new career opportunities by meeting requirements for public and private job openings. At Nepean Industry Edge Training (NIET), we offer comprehensive training to prepare professionals looking to enter disability and aged care.

Training on Your Terms

Whether you are a manager seeking training for your entire team of staff or you are an individual looking to prepare for a new career, our friendly and experienced staff at NIET will help you out. We are here to provide qualified and relevant health and first aid training courses in Melbourne to ensure you remain compliant or qualify for the new position you want. We offer courses on campus, or at your workplace.

Beyond CPR

At NIET, we provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses (CPR) and first aid courses in Melbourne. However, we also provide specialised courses, such as:

  • Assist Clients with Medication
  • Follow Basic Food Safety Practices
  • Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting

Advance Your Career

Health and first aid training increases the job prospects of applicants seeking a career in disability or aged care. First aid skills help individuals meet the requirements for certain positions and also act as a solid addition to resumes unrelated to health and welfare. Some of the jobs that require health and first aid courses include:

  • Childcare providers
  • Eldercare providers
  • Flight attendants
  • Lifeguards
  • Prison guards
  • Social workers
  • Teachers
  • Security guards
  • Gym employees

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